3 ways to waste your digital signage

3 ways to waste your digital signage

At Superior LED Displays, we often share tips on how to make digital signage more effective, whether it’s picking the right software package, how to compare and contrast hardware, or identifying future trends such as 3-D or 8K content.

But it’s also worthwhile to know what not to do with your digital signage because no matter how good your solution is, you can still waste the investment. Here are a few potholes to avoid:

An insufficient content strategy

       For example, Olay Skin Care ran a dynamic campaign that would offer skin care tips based on real-time weather triggers. The company selected 21 different weather scenarios they wanted to target. The problem was there was not enough time to plan out that much content effectively. This led to digital outdoor displays becoming crowded and wordy, which limited their effectiveness.

So, if you don’t have a firm strategy on how you’re going to design, manage and update the content, your entire campaign will suffer as a result.

Choosing an odd spot

      Next time you are out driving, pay attention to the placement of the digital billboards (while keeping your eyes on the road of course). While most are kept in plain view, you will notice some oddities.

I’ve seen digital billboards placed high above an entrance ramp that I can barely see, or hidden behind a patch of trees. This problem expands to the indoor arena as you will see displays shoved into corners or hidden by walls of products.

Placement is everything when it comes to digital signage. Unless it is mounted on moving robots, you need to have a clear strategy in place for your digital signage’s position, whether indoor or outdoors. You can use tools such as beacons to get an idea of how customers move throughout your store, which can help inform where you should place your digital signage to reach the widest audience.

Treating digital signage like a static tool

       While it is with one thing to roll out a campaign with not enough planning, it’s another to just treat digital signage like another static tool such as a traditional billboard.

I once saw a display tucked away in a corner restroom by a mall that displayed the same banner image as a printed banner that was placed perpendicular to the display. This sort of problem is fairly common with digital signage as many end users will simply recycle a handful of old content on a display or just put up one image and be done with it.

When you treat LED digital signage as a static tool, you rob it of its true purpose: to help you deliver better information and experiences to your customers.

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