Parking Lot Lighting – Parking Lot Lights
Superior Signs & Electrical Services are the experts who can create parking lot lighting to suit your location’s atmosphere and requirements. Our staff will create the parking lot lights that will make your establishment easy to navigate for every customer – read on to learn more about our process.
Parking Lot Lighting
Our company’s staff will listen to your requirements and design the lighting that meets both your aesthetic and business criteria. We use many types of materials, and we can design and manufacture digital graphics, LED graphics, and graphics made for use with solar signs. Our staff will regularly service your parking lot lighting to guarantee that it stays functional – and bright!
Parking Lot Lights by Superior Signs & Electrical Services
Our parking lot lighting experts have years of experience with lighting design, installation, and maintenance.  
Parking lot lighting improves the appeal of a property and plays a critical role in providing safety and security, but it also creates a balancing act between safety/liability and energy savings. While it’s critical to provide pedestrian safety, parking lot lighting consumes a lot of energy.
According to the U.S. Department of Energy, parking lot and garage lighting alone accounts for more than 51 TWh of electrical energy use annually. This is the equivalent of 83 million barrels of oil, or 35 metric tons of CO2 emissions, or the annual electricity cost of almost 4.3 million homes.
Parking lot lighting codes have also changed a lot in recent years. Lighted areas that previously were exempt from most lighting control requirements have slowly been included – requiring lighting and lighting control technology to constantly evolve in order to meet these requirements. While these standards provide guidance for the control of these lighted areas, putting them into effect can be challenging and cumbersome. This means that design professionals, building owners, and facility managers need up-to-date control options to ensure code compliance.
Superior Signs & Electrical Services lighting controls provide code-required energy efficiency while maintaining strong security and safety lighting levels.