Featured Projects

Cowpens, SC

Mountain View Baptist Church – Cowpens, SC

  Mountain View Baptist Church has recently
commissioned a custom cross sign to be installed on their property. The cross sign is designed to be a prominent and symbolic
representation of the church’s mission and values.
   The sign is constructed with durable materials and will feature a large cross constructed with polycarbonate translucent faces, surrounded by a steel frame. The cross will be illuminated by LED Lights at night to ensure it is visible to passersby in the surrounding area.
  The sign and this iconic landmark are located along Interstate 85 on the church’s property, welcoming visitors and providing a clear visual marker for the church. The design was chosen to reflect the church’s commitment to their faith and to creating a welcoming, inclusive community for all who enter their doors.
  Overall, the custom cross sign is a significant investment for the church and is expected to be a powerful symbol of their faith and a source of inspiration for their members and visitors alike.

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