Why Church Monument Signs Are So Popular?

While there are a variety of signage styles to choose from, church monument signs are one of the most popular options for churches. Why? Because they work! Congregations of every faith, denomination, and size and choose these standout decorative options to connect and engage with their community and congregation. Here’s why they are popular and the answers to our most common questions.

What Is A Monument Sign?

Let’s first begin with what a monument sign is. While the design options are endless, church monument signs are oversized, free-standing, and mounted close to the ground. Both the sign and mount materials can vary. LED screens are the most modern option for the message board area, but marquee, backlit signs, neon, and lettered text can also be used. The mount can vary in shape and size, but is often a decorative brick, masonry, steel, aluminum, foamcore, concrete, plastic, or wood. If the sign is layered, it often has a frame made of aluminum or the mount materials.

Why Are They So Popular?

Being both oversized and stylized, church monument signs stand out. They are a popular roadway or entrance sign because they are difficult to drive by without taking notice. If it’s an LED sign, it will be easily visible from several blocks away. Many churches further beautify their church monument signs by planting decorative flowers or greenery around the base—or creating contrast with bright green grass or decorative stones. Even though they are large and eye-catching, many churches utilize bricks, masonry, or the frame and base color to create a cohesive look with their building exterior.

How Much Will My New Sign Cost?

There are many factors to consider when it comes to cost, but church monument signs are an investment. A Superior LED Displays sign will cost at least $10,000 but your sign may cost significantly more or less depending on factors such as:

  • How large the sign is
  • How large the mount is
  • The sign and mount materials
  • If it’s front-facing or two-sided
  • How many layers/signs it has
  • The type of sign—static letters, LED, backlit, etc.

How To Determine The ROI Of Your New Church Monument Signs?

Your ROI is easiest to track if you are an existing church or worship center that has recently upgraded your sign. Measure factors such as congregation members commenting on the new sign and the increase in phone calls, emails, social media, website traffic, and other inquiries. Also, track the increase in event-specific inquiries. For example, the increase in ticket sales for your annual kids concert, volunteer signups for a posted community event, donations for posted outreach, or attendees at your holiday craft bazaar.

How Long Do Church Monument Signs Last?

There is no clear-cut answer to this question. If build with sturdy materials and investment in ongoing maintenance, the mount should last at least 25 years. The same is true for the sign, but factors such as vandalism and weather may increase the need for repairs and maintenance. Church Monument signs can last an average of 15 years, and up to 20 with proper care. In many cases, when it’s time for a major part of the sign to be replaced, there is often at least something that is salvageable—such as the mount or frame.

Why Choose An LED Display as an Option?

While researching sign designs for your new church or upgrade options for your existing worship center, you are sure to have noticed that many churches are choosing LED Display signs. One of your many objectives it to better connect and engage with your community and your new LED Display sign can help you achieve this goal. Many worship centers, maybe even yours, have utilized marquee and letter signs to share a daily or weekly quote. While effective, the viewing range is limited and it’s time-consuming to switch out the quote or scripture.

Our signs are made with top of the line materials and are built to last. We offer a 5 year limited warranty on our signs. Our signs are vandal proof, and hot and cold weather proof. You are getting the best in the business with these signs!

With an LED Display sign, you or designated staff and congregation members can update the sign from within the church. This means you can share new quotes with ease, and alternate a variety of timed messages and essential information to include:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Temperature
  • Daily quote or scripture
  • Welcome messages
  • Send off messages
  • Daily schedule and event reminders
  • Church and community announcements
  • Welcome wedding parties
  • Welcome conferences or events
  • Photos and videos of your events
  • And more!

Where Should I Place My Church Monument Signs?

This is of course entirely up to you, but most churches and worship centers place their church monument signs along the roadway to gain maximum visibility. If your church grounds are large, you may have more than one oversized sign. Maybe a 2-sided LED Display sign along the roadway and a second smaller sign with static lettering closer to the main entrance for visitors to enjoy when they walk by.

Considering An Upgrade To An Church Monument Sign?

If you would like to learn more about LED Display church monument signs, we invite you to reach out to Superior LED Displays. We have designed thousands of church signs and have a large portfolio for inspiration.

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