7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Outdoor LED Display Signage

Outdoor LED Display signs are used to reinforce branding, advertising sales, promoting product services, and also to advertise on the billboards. These are just some of the reasons that Outdoor LED Display Signs can benefit your place of business. Whether you run a church, a school, a retail store, repair shop, restaurant, or any other type of business, an Outdoor LED Display Sign can help you with your goals.

Outdoor LED Display Signs are colorful and vibrant and can help attract existing customers and potential new customers. They have been proven for being able to promote your business. Great Outdoor LED Display signs can attract the attention of anyone who passes near your location, thus bring more customers. In other words, it’s a great form of passive marketing.

In addition to the well-known reasons Outdoor LED Display Signs are beneficial consider the following 10 points:

Outdoor LED Display Signs are Completely Customizable

Outdoor Digital Signs provide customization

One of the greatest features of the outdoor LED Display sign is its versatility. The ability of the Outdoor LED Display Sign to capture attention passively, and the fact that bright flashing colors are a great way to capture an initial interest, makes this the most unique form of advertising. The fact that these signs can be programmed and changed at the flip of a hat is an absolutely priceless feature.

You can, for instance, wish someone from your congregation Happy Birthday in the morning, announce the time for evening mass, and wish everyone a Happy and meaningful Easter in the evening. The best part? You can set all these messages to display on certain times and dates! You can also experiment with a variety of promotions to attract more customers, or see what promotions did the best by cross-referencing your sales during a certain period.

They Can Look Simple yet Effective

Outdoor Digital Signs are simple but effective

Most business owners like to use a straightforward method to promote their business. A simple static sign is a cost-effective way to show people that you are there. You have a physical presence. However, static signs, don’t actually advertise anything besides your location. Outdoor Digital Signs are much more robust in that you can change their message at the drop of a hat. Better yet, you can buy a fully-featured Monument Sign and have your 3 layers. A static sign displaying your companies logo, an LED Display sign displaying your messages or sales promotions, and a bottom layer displaying your address!


Outdoor Digital Signs are Cost Effective

Imagine having a static sign or billboard. What would happen if your message has changed or for whatever reason you’re forced to cancel a promotion or switch to a different one? Well, that would include tearing down the old static billboard, re-creating a new one with a graphic designer, hiring the company to put the new one up, and in all this time you may have lost your featured days or your time. Now imagine having an Outdoor LED Display Sign. You can program a change your message immediately, and have the new message up in a matter of minutes! Imagine how much of your marketing budget will be saved with an Outdoor LED Display sign.


If you compare to another method of advertising, outdoor LED Display signs are cheap and have one of the best returns of investment you will get.

Used as Entertainment

You can use dynamic content to entertain your customers and reduce perceived wait time. Waiting rooms all over the country are starting to use LED Display signs instead of tv’s to show off your companies:

  • Warm, welcoming messages
  • Cover registration and new patient check-in instructions through your LED sign
  • Add a list of anticipated wait times
  • Show doctor or dentist biographies, images, and other staff-related information
  • Scrolling feeds of exciting health tips and news, and even special promo’s
  • Add your organization Twitter and Facebook feeds

Lighted Signs are Visible 24/7 and last years

Your Outdoor LED Display Sign will most likely run on a 24/7 schedule. Even with this heavy workload, our signs are designed to last at least 15 years! With a little bit of maintenance and replacing panels regularly, you can extend this time-frame to even longer!

It Makes Money for You

Hand putting a coin into a piggy bank.

Another often overlooked perk of the Outdoor LED Display Sign is that in an area such as a communal lot with many businesses sharing the same space, you can actually install a large Outdoor LED Display Sign, and rent it out! Private investment can be rented out to the highest bidder for daily or monthly messaging thereby attracting people not only to their business but to YOUR mall lot as well! You could ideally rent out space weekly to your neighborhood florist before Valentine’s Day, Mothers Day, or any other Holiday, then use the space for your own promotions the following week. It’s like a microcosm of advertising right there in your outdoor lot!

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