Tips On Setting Up A LED Display Sign For Your Business

In this article, we will share top tips so you can maximize the efficiency of your digital LED display signage.

1. When choosing which colors to use for your fonts and graphics, consider readership first. A LED Display sign will work for you only if your intended readers can read it. While it is true that you need to grab and sustain their attention, remember that your LED Display sign is meant to communicate a message and not just dazzle. Choose colors that are easy on the eyes. Graphics and animation can follow after your main message has been displayed.

2. Angle the lightbox towards the best viewing position of your intended audience. If you have an Outdoor LED Display signage that is above eye level, angle the lightbox downward. If your Digital LED Display signage is positioned lower, aim upward. If your display sign is positioned at an acute angle, make sure that the internal sign faces your target audience. Remember, always aim toward your readers’ line of sight.

3. Arrange your information in blocks. The idea here is to make sure that your message is coherent. For example, if you have a coffee shop sign, write all your new coffee variants in one sequence. If you have a special promo on some of your selected products, put it all together in the next block. This basic but often overlooked technique is also applicable for constantly displayed information such as public announcements.

4. Always show the date and the time. This is applicable if your Digital LED Display signage has a time and date function. If it does, regularly pause between messages and show the time and the date. This may seem unproductive at first, but this is in fact a smart tip for entrepreneurs because everybody wants to know what time it is. In that way, people will have another reason to constantly look at your electronic sign.

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