Advantages of LED Displays Versus Projection Displays

LED display walls are the new medium bearer in the outdoor video screen. The picture screens and ease of use make them an option for various settings: billboards, store signage, and other advertising tool, stage shows, destination signs, indoor displays, and more. Since LED Displays Walls is becoming popular, owning cost continues to decline.

1.       Brightness

The LED video displays’ brightness is the only reason why they are replacing projectors as the best preference of visual technicians. The light coming from the projectors is measured in lux and LED walls are measured in NIT.

The other limitations to projectors are that they affect their ability to show crisp and clean pictures. Projectors have to convert the picture to a projection display; the picture has to travel to the viewer’s eyes. When we talk about LED, they have to produce their own brightness to make the image visible for the viewers.

Projectors tend to lose brightness with time. In the very first year of use, a noticeable decrease in brightness can lose 30% of their brightness. Whereas, when we talk about LED displays, we don’t experience such things with the same reduction in vibrancy.

2.       Display

HD video is the go-to kind and supplanting Standard Definition as the industry norm. The LED displays assist HD, whereas many projectors are SD and won’t show good-quality pictures at their full resolution.

Picture size is the one part where projectors do have an edge. They can show pictures of all sizes, from small to large sizes. Where LED displays can range from about 60’’ to 90’’ at the large end of the spectrum.

3.       Setup and arrangement

LED displays are much easier to install than a projector. Projectors are restricted in how and where they can be used. You need to have a big screen and an unimpeded space between the screen and the projector. The projector has to be mounted high up in the black room or display area. Also, it should be attached to a video source.

4.       Maintenance

An LED display maintenance is very easy as you need to just update the programming software with a new one. With projectors, you have to send them in for repairs and the technicians will tell you all the issues with it.

So, these are some common points that can distinguish an LED display from projectors. If you are looking for HIGH-Quality LED Display Wall then is the best platform for you. The staff here gives all the details about the LED display and LCD display.

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