LED Display video wall vs Projector

LED Display video wall vs Projector

What advantage does LED Display Video Wall have over a projector

The answer to this question lies in what LED technology has over Digital Light Processing. Depending on how they are used, both are effective. But as far as visual presentations go, an LED Display Video Wall, has, without question, a lot over a DLT screen.

Up to now, there are still establishments that use projector screens in their everyday operation. In some schools, churches, and offices you will still see DLT screens. Now, these things are okay because they get the job done. But are they as efficient as LED Display Video Walls?

One look at your ordinary LED Video Wall and you will readily see the difference. They simply provide better visuals, you only need half an eye to judge. As opposed to projectors, you need not turn off the lights for LED Display Video Wall to be effective. Turning the lights on and a projector screen is practically worthless. If surprisingly that doesn’t convince you, let’s put the lights (pun intended) on two very important things: Ease of use and maintenance.

LED Display Video Walls  possess Ease of use

A projector requires at least 5 minutes of warm-up time. A less efficient version would need more than 10 minutes. Just the same, closing it calls for a few minutes, whereas an LED Display Video Wall requires virtually no time.

LED Display Video Walls require almost no maintenance

In terms of maintenance, an LED Display Video Wall outpoints the projector screen by a huge margin. The latter is just much harder to repair and naturally pricier. Changing lamps is not a problem for LED Video Wall for the reason that, well, they don’t utilize lamps. Depending on how often they are used, a projector screen needs to change lamps every few months. To be perfectly straight, LED Video Walls last longer than projector screens.

Really, with the quality of visuals alone, do you really need any other reason why LED is so much better?

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