Monument signs are largely popular because of their ability to grab people’s attention while they drive or walk.  Outdoor monument signs are large freestanding exterior signs regularly mounted on a pillared base.  They may be mounted on side posts or on a stone, brick, or wood base with side pillars.  Monument signs are often located at the entrances of residential communities, churches, parks, and other businesses that require visibility in their community.  Superior Signs & Electrical Services works with both masons and modern technology to create a maintenance-free monument sign that replicates the architectural elements, color palette, or brick/stone texture of your building.  In addition to designing and manufacturing your monument sign, Superior Signs & Electrical assists you in obtaining the proper permits for your specific project, ensures that your sign complies with all state and local ordinances, and installs the sign in a professional and timely manner.  Help strengthen your corporate identity and dramatically increase your business’s exposure with the professional elegance of a monument sign.