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Does My Church Need An LED Display Sign?

With countless businesses and organizations competing for attention, standing out is harder than ever—even for churches.

Although you might not think your church needs advertising to get your message out there, the truth is that nearly any church—from tiny, rural parishes to colossal urban cathedrals—can reach a far bigger flock with better advertising and messaging.

And because LED Display church signs are such a powerful tool for reaching people, it’s no wonder that so many churches are choosing LED Displays over harder-to-use, less attractive traditional signs. So Does My Church Need An LED Display Sign? Utilizing an LED Display sign for church outreach can pay dividends for your congregation, and here’s how…


For such a powerful messaging tool (with potential to reach far more people than static signs), many assume that LED Display Signs just aren’t affordable. In reality, most businesses and organizations find that LED Display signs wind up paying for themselves in just a few years.

Besides the initial up-front cost of LED Display Signs, LED Display signs tend to have low maintenance costs. Plus, we offer rapid support and troubleshooting to keep your sign up and running—and your message reaching as many people as possible.

That means no more backwards letter, no more light bulbs that burn out after a week, and no more printed banners blowing away in the wind.


Many churches LED Display signs come with super-simple customization options through user-friendly software you’ll be able to pick up and utilize in a snap.

The immense customization options afford LED Display owners nearly unlimited choices when crafting and honing their message from just about anywhere—so no more scrambling around outside in the middle of a thunderstorm to fix a mistake on your sign.

With a church LED Display sign, you’ll finally have the outreach flexibility you’ve always wanted, with the ability to change messaging as rapidly as you need to for holidays, news, special events, and more.


With LED Display signage, your church can reach the people in your community to deliver the messages that matter most, no matter the weather or time of day. Keep your community up-to-date with inspirational verses, welcome new members, and broadcast updated service times instantaneously.

With Superior LED Displays signs, your church has the power to attract new members and bring back old ones with bright, visible, attractive messaging that simply can’t be overlooked when compared to traditional, static signage.

Studies have found that organizations that start utilizing LED displays usually see an increase in business between 15 and 150% over the first two years after installing their sign.

The reason for that huge increase is that LED Display signs are an asset, unlike other forms of advertising media. An LED Display sign is the sole property of your church, which greatly increases your potential ROI.

For churches looking to grow their communities with a big return on investment, there’s simply no better choice than Superior LED Displays outdoor LED Display signs.

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