Outdoor LED Display Signage can help Generate More Revenue For Your Church

In America, nearly $3 out of every $4 charitable dollars goes to religious organizations. This includes worship centers of every denomination as well as religious-related non-profits. That being said, your worship center may be actively seeking out new revenue streams. Here are a few ways to generate new revenue utilizing outdoor LED screens in combination with non-tithing revenue sources.

#1 Livestream Your Events

Whether it’s a wedding, conference, business meeting, or special event of any kind there are likely to be guests who can’t attend. Many organizations and event planners will pay a local AV company to livestream anyway, making it an ideal upsell for your worship center. Ensure your rates are in line with local AV companies, maybe even a bit cheaper to further entice the upsell.

You may be able to repurpose the technology you use to livestream your weekly services. To ensure HD streaming, and ease of use—you may need to invest in additional AV equipment. You’ll also need to train and staff employees or congregation members to operate your new AV equipment.


  • Offer livestreaming for weddings, funerals, ordinations, special masses, corporate events, and more.
  • Beyond your hourly rental rates, offer a variety of event rental packages—which we discuss more in tip #3.
  • Offer paid access to the livestreaming of your paid events, such as your holiday concert or play.
  • Ensure privacy by providing secure access-only login for some or all events.
  • Ensure your lighting, sound system, stage, internet access, and all AV equipment are high quality.

#2 Record Rented Events and Church Special Events

If you are going to livestream an event, you may as well record it too! Even if an event is not livestreamed, offer to record the event for a flat-rate fee. Hire a pro to offer a variety of video upsells including editing, custom slide shows, highlight reels, drone photos and videos, and more.

If you have the event participants’ consent, you can post some of the content you record on your outdoor LED Display signage. If not outside, as part of a highlight reel that you can use for other methods of digital marketing.

Selling DVDs or digital access to your church’s special events can be highly lucrative. Even charging $5 to $10 for a digital video of your most recent church concert can generate significant income.

#3 Curate Event Packages

In addition to livestreaming, many who rent your space will need to hire everything from a caterer to a decorator, additional seating, entertainment, and more. So why not curate a few different event packages?

No need to do it all yourself, as you can partner with a variety of local event businesses to provide these services. For example, offer 3 different wedding reception dinner options provided by a local caterer. Charge the cater a flat-rate fee or percentage of their sales as your referral commission.

Just be mindful that full service event planning is a major commitment, so you will need to staff for this new service offering.

#4 Non-Church Business

Also referred to as social enterprise businesses, non-church businesses can generate additional income from both your congregation and your community.

The most popular options include:

  • Gift shop
  • Coffee shop
  • Snacks
  • Restaurant
  • Book store

However, think outside of the box. For example, your coffee shop may only be open during major services—but also staff it during rented events. Or really think outside of the box by opening a business that is not as traditional. For example, the rising number of craft breweries owned by churches.

#5 Rent Out Unused Rooms

Does your church have a room or building that doesn’t get much use? If so, consider renting it out to a local business. It could function as anything from inexpensive office space for a startup to a therapist’s office, co-working space, art studio, art gallery, and more.

Don’t count out small or not-so-modern spaces, as those in need of inexpensive rent may not be looking for a diamond. Consider the logistics such as:

  • Access points—will your tenant have to enter through the main church doors?
  • Hours of operation—can they be open outside of daily operation hours? Can they be open during your primary services and events?
  • Amenities—private MDU internet, restrooms, lighting, electrical outlets, etc.
  • Their signage—can your tenant put up a logo sign or their own outdoor LED Display? If so, where and what size?

#6 Ministry Project and Community Program Grant Funding

Yes, there are ministry projects that qualify for grants! It’s a common misconception that worship centers don’t qualify for grants. While you won’t qualify for a grant to get up and running or sustain your daily operations, a grant may help you get a ministry project or community program up and running.

This includes:

  • Adult daycare for seniors
  • Before, after, and daycare for kids
  • After school programs for kids
  • Daily summer camp for kids
  • Literacy programs
  • Church homeless shelter
  • Domestic violence shelter
  • Senior center
  • Community center
  • Community health care clinic
  • And more

#7 Crowdfunding Ministry Projects

Just like grant funding, crowdfunding helps you generate income for your targeted ministries. It helps you access your local, statewide, nationwide, and global community. This includes donations from those of other religions, as well as those that don’t practice religion.

Success on crowdfunding sites requires you to be clear, specific, and engaging. When possible, create a relevant video—but at least share relevant images. Be sure to share your crowdfunding mission on your website, social media, email marketing, outdoor LED Display Signage, and more.

A few ministry projects that may benefit from crowdfunding include:

  • Helping a terminally ill child’s family raise medical funds.
  • Accepting donations to fund community outreach after a natural disaster.
  • Donating to a ministry program that supports a local marginalized community.
  • Raising funds for a community member after a fire.
  • Providing a refugee family with housing, furniture, clothing, and housing essentials.

#8 Outdoor LED Display Signage

As you can see, most of the revenue stream ideas above are designed to engage community members who aren’t part of your congregation. What better way than with a digital sign!

Digital signs are an investment, but when utilized properly they most often pay themselves back. Each of the revenue stream ideas above can be shared via text, images, and videos on your new outdoor sign. When possible, share images and videos to better connect and engage with your target demographic.


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