What size LED screen do I need for my church?

Irrespective of the church size, LED Screens for churches are becoming increasingly common. As church LED Screens are now more affordable, many churches have started to integrate them into their worship routines – to communicate news, messages, song lyrics, announcements, and more. 

Church LED Display

In large rooms with a lot of light, especially natural light, church LED screens will remain clear and provide a decent viewing angle along with the required quality and size. An LED screen can be very engaging as compared to other alternatives, such as projection. Furthermore, the higher brightness levels of an LED screen make communication more effective. An LED church screen helps grab an individual’s attention, which is significant when trying to convey a message in church. Lastly, LED is by far the most energy-efficient technology. Thus, an LED Screen needs nearly half the electricity required by display products, which saves the church from any hefty electricity bills. Consequently, one can say that LED screens for the church have numerous benefits. However, it can be challenging to decide on the optimum LED screen(s) for a church as there are multiple factors to notice here, while the screen size is the most important of all such factors.

What is an LED Screen?   

An LED screen is a video display where each pixel is made up of a bunch of tiny LEDs. Each bunch has a red, green, and blue LED, which lights up suitably to create the correct color. As the pixels are much bigger in an LED Screen, the picture becomes clearer as you move away.

In a church, most individuals are positioned far from the actual screen, so LED screens are quite useful in displaying information. 

LED Screen church sizes

The size of a church LED screen is usually expressed through the distance between the opposite corners of the display. It is generally specified in inches. 

Deciding on a church LED Screen size

Some fundamental factors include church size, viewing distance/height, preferred resolution, angular resolution, the type of content to be displayed, budget constraints, etc. 

Church Size

A small church can get by with smaller LED screen sizes as compared to a larger church, which will require multiple or large LED screens. In a room filled with hundreds to thousands of people, it won’t be possible to see the details if the image is displayed on a normal-sized LED screen. Thus, a church-led video wall might have to be used (which is a collection of multiple smaller-sized LED screens rather than a single large LED screen) when the optimum size of the LED screen is not available as a single LED screen, within the budget of the church.

Viewing distance

Viewing distance is significant not only for the viewing quality in a church but also for project planning and costs of the church, which are both important considerations for LED screen size. 

To achieve an optimal screen size for a church, a screen height of about one-sixth to one-tenth the distance between the screen and the back row of the church is advised, while the desired width of the screen is decided for with the help of the aspect ratio.

Preferred Resolution 

Which is a good pixel pitch and resolution? You can view the screen from much closer if the resolution that your LED screen has to offer is higher. For displays that have a lower resolution, viewers begin to notice pixelated images at larger distances. Choosing the appropriate resolution for a church LED screen is important because, in a church, you can sit closer to the 1080p display without the need to get as large a screen as you would with a 720p display.

Angular Resolution

An optimum LED screen features a well-balanced ratio between screen size, viewing distance, and resolution while taking into account the resolution per degree arc (angular resolution). A larger gap between the viewer and the LED screen will improve the details that are put to show. The angular resolution increases with an increasing distance between the viewer and the screen. Thus, the seating positions should be considered when deciding on the appropriate LED screen size for the church.

Other factors to consider

  • Choose a widescreen format (16:9) to make the videos or presentations in the church, more visually stimulating.
  • Place the screen(s) at the back of the church to make it more comfortable for the church clerics to see. With the rear screens, try to get as close as you can to match the size of your front screen (s) to ensure uniformity in the church. 
  • You can use multiple screens in the place of a larger screen, as long as the net screen size is similar to that of the larger screen.

Common Church LED screen option

Min View distance3 meter4 meter5 meter
Cabinet size500mm*500mm/500mm*1000mm500mm*500mm/500mm*1000mm500mm*500mm/500mm*1000mm
Pixel Pitch2.8 mm3.9 mm4.8 mm

What does an LED Screen cost?

Costs of LED screens have lowered significantly in recent years as the technology has advanced, and different LED screens are available to suit all budgets and requirements. 


Considering the factors mentioned above, a recommended church LED screen size for a normal church would be 9.6 feet x 6 feet minimum and about 16 x 10 feet maximum. However, this is only an estimate and can vary with church size, viewing distance, and screen resolution, etc. Also, it might be more effective to install multiple smaller LED screens as a video wall so that if any technical issues arise, the church can continue its services using the other screens. Furthermore, an optimum LED screen size may be difficult to set up in an existing church, sometimes due to architectural limitations. As a result, font sizes would constantly have to be adjusted to ensure text on the LED screen is readable. In this case, looking into different forms of LED screens for the church would be helpful.

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